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Schulausstattungtop (28)gut (17)mäßig (1)schlecht (0)
Sprachkurstop (30)gut (15)mäßig (1)schlecht (0)
Lehrertop (28)gut (17)mäßig (1)schlecht (0)
Betreuungtop (35)gut (11)mäßig (0)schlecht (0)
Aktivitätentop (18)gut (19)mäßig (5)schlecht (0)
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Unterkunft (privat/Gastfamilie)
Sauberkeittop (10)gut (12)mäßig (3)schlecht (0)
Atmosphäretop (9)gut (14)mäßig (1)schlecht (0)
Verpflegungtop (8)gut (10)mäßig (4)schlecht (0)
Lagetop (11)gut (11)mäßig (3)schlecht (0)
Unterkunft Gesamturteiltop (11)gut (12)mäßig (2)schlecht (0)
Unterkunft (ESE Residence)
Sauberkeittop (7)gut (6)mäßig (1)schlecht (0)
Atmosphäretop (7)gut (5)mäßig (1)schlecht (0)
Verpflegungtop (1)gut (10)mäßig (3)schlecht (0)
Lagetop (5)gut (5)mäßig (1)schlecht (0)
Unterkunft Gesamturteiltop (7)gut (5)mäßig (1)schlecht (0)
Unterkunft (Hotel The George ****)
Sauberkeittop (1)gut (1)mäßig (0)schlecht (0)
Atmosphäretop (1)gut (1)mäßig (0)schlecht (0)
Verpflegungtop (0)gut (1)mäßig (1)schlecht (0)
Lagetop (0)gut (2)mäßig (0)schlecht (0)
Unterkunft Gesamturteiltop (0)gut (2)mäßig (0)schlecht (0)
Organisation durch DIREKT Sprachreisen
Informationsgebungtop (37)gut (7)mäßig (2)schlecht (0)
Beratungtop (37)gut (8)mäßig (1)schlecht (0)
Reiseinformationentop (26)gut (14)mäßig (4)schlecht (0)
Abwicklungtop (32)gut (14)mäßig (0)schlecht (0)
Performance Problemlösungtop (5)gut (3)mäßig (0)schlecht (0)
Gesamturteiltop (34)gut (11)mäßig (1)schlecht (0)

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Thanks to the ETI team I have benefited more than just having basic English lessons. My course varied from case studies, meetings and presentation training and ...weiterlesen
I attended the teaching training course at ETI and I was really impressed by the professionalism of the staff and the convenient premises.We studied specificall...weiterlesen
I'd like to say that the training was very good, especially the one to one training. 4-5 hours per day are OK.My trainer, Julie was very good and patient and Cri...weiterlesen
I was pleasantly surprised. I found the Business Communication course to be fully tailor-made to meet all my needs... It has been an invaluable experience.

Anne ...weiterlesen
I took a 15 hours course, private tution, in December 2009 at ETI. I was very satisfied with the result. The tutor was very professional and the course has been...weiterlesen
ETI is the place for those people who need to improve their English. I enjoyed my sessions and have improved my English during my stay in Malta.

Andre Engel, Joh...weiterlesen
ETI is an organisation which offers high standard courses. Besidesc all staff are friendly, very helpful and make you feel at home. ETI also offers a very good ...weiterlesen
The language training was very effective and a success. I would like to thank Julie, my trainer for the great job. I really enjoyed my stay in Malta and hope to...weiterlesen
I took a Business Communication training programme over 4 weeks in October 2010 at the Executive Training Institute in Malta. It was a great time, a great place...weiterlesen

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Akkreditierungen, Partner, Mitgliedschaften
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