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I like to study at ELS because it is a friendly and warm atmosphere. The contents of the English program are clear and organized. Also I think that one of the best parts at ELS is the teachers. The teachers are polite, respectful, and most importantly reliable. The students can always ask for help and they will not give you the solution, they will teach you how you can find it. I love to study at ELS, and it has become my second home.

Hi, my name is Alice. I'm from Gabon. I have been at ELS DeKalb at Northern Illinois University for a month. It is a great experience. First of all I was afraid to talk with other people, but by the time, I discovered them, they were very cheerful and kind to me. We did a lot of interesting activities like playing football, visiting the haunted house, discovering American culture etc. Also, teachers are very good and fascinating. To finish, the environment in NIU DeKalb is very beautiful with animals and trees etc. The students are open minded and able to help us if needed. I recommend to everyone to have the same great experience I have had in ELS DeKalb at Northern Illinois University.

Do you want to experience real English? Are you hesitating about what school you should choose for improving English? If so, the answer to those questions is ELS in Cleveland, Ohio. I have studied English at ELS in Cleveland for about 10 months. Before I chose this center as a study place for 1 year, I also thought of a lot of possible choices and considered about it over and over as you may do the same. My decision was not wrong; it was the greatest choice ever. Why? First reason is the location. Cleveland center is located in a clam and peaceful city, Cleveland, in Ohio.

The campus where ELS is situated is surrounded by fabulous nature and a lot of well-known cultural places such as the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. You will be able to improve your English skill at ELS as well as with the famous museums through visual learning. In addition, you can get together with native students who go to the host university, Case Western Reserve University, and make a variety of friends either at the ELS school, or around the university campus. What I think the best thing the Cleveland center has is the people's kindness. Not only are all the teachers kind, thoughtful and generous, but the staff working in the offices always take care of students and give warm hands to help them not get in trouble with unfamiliar American life.

When it comes to teachers and curriculum of ELS, both of them are well harmonized with professional abilities of teachers and helpful textbooks. Especially, long experienced teachers always encourage students to keep on the track of studying English and cheer them up through constant feedback. As a matter of fact, I am not perfect at English right now, and still need to improve, but I have gotten so much confidence and I will be able to continue to study English based on teaching of ELS. If you start studying with ELS Cleveland, I am 100% sure you will be fully satisfied with your choice and you will overcome the fear of learning a foreign language. ELS Cleveland is the key which introduces you to a new world and enables you to achieve your goal more easily.

My 3-week program was very exciting. I really enjoyed life in Houston. My homestay host family was very nice and hospitable to me. The ELS teachers were very nice and my personal teacher was dedicated. Every day, she gave me a lot of homework. Sometimes it was tough for me; especially the essays, because my vocabulary was not very good. All of the ELS staff was very friendly and kind. I’d like to say “Thank you for your support you gave to me!!”

I love the city of Portland. The weather is really nice and the people here are friendlier than in other big cities I’ve visited. When I came to ELS I had zero English, but now my English has really improved! The teachers here help me with anything and I think the class schedule is perfect. My Reading and Writing, and Structure and Speaking classes teach me everything I need to know. I plan to finish ELS level 112, and then study for my Masters degree in the United States.

Hi, my name is Cleyton Kano, I'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I went in December of 2009 and studied until Beginning of 2010. I stayed there just a month, and studied at level 7. And everything in Miami was so amazing. I had the great opportunity to live the Christmas season, through Christmas Carol, that was awesome. And lots of experience I could learn during this trip. And also, I made some new friends that will last forever.

The institution presents excellent teachers with lots of experience and dynamic methods that makes it easier to learn. Thus I could improve all four essential skills to an effective communication: the audition comprehension, reading, speaking and written. Remember, a foreign experience is something that makes a difference as professional, personal and academic. And if you want to study abroad, you can trust in ELS, they are very organized and take care of many things. So good luck and don't forget, enjoy the maximum of each moment, each experience and you must be disciplined in studies and do your best. And thanks to all my friends that I made at ELS. And here I finalize wishing a good luck to everybody who will study abroad.

I decided to come to ELS Teaneck because I have family living near the center. At first, I was a little worried – new school, new teachers, new house, and new country. However, my first day here, I felt something special. I love the teachers, the new friends from different countries, the trips to New York, the parties for new students. I feel like these “new” people are like a family. If you need help, they help you. I f you have a problem; they do everything to solve it. The most important thing is they really know how to improve your English. I suggest that everyone come here and see how great this family is!

I came to ELS/Orlando because I wanted to improve my English. I wanted to have more fluency in the language. When I first arrived here, I was sure that I made the best choice. All the teachers and office staff were always helpful when I needed them. I have to talk about great friends that I made; friends with totally different cultures studying at ELS for me was like a dream come true. It is an experience that everybody should have.

I wanted to improve my English. I thought the best way was by studying and practicing in a city where English is the official language. Also I think it is important that the school has experience in this field and is recognized by the results. Several people recommended ELS/Chicago to me and I chose it because I thought it is a city with a good environment, several cultural

activities and spectacular tourist attractions. For me this experience is not only to learn a new language, but also enjoy the city and its customs and people. At ELS/Chicago I have improved my grammar and writing the most. I have improved my vocabulary too. If it’s possible, it is a good idea to study for three months or more, because it is necessary to practice grammar and speaking with American people and other students. Also try not to speak in your native language.

My major is Ethnic Studies; therefore Chicago is really an interesting city for me. There are many ethnic communities, a lot of local festivals and great museums. Also I like watching sports, accordingly, Chicago is the best place for watching pro and college sports’ matches. It is an amazing place for me. Before I came here I thought English is a subject; however, now I think English is one of the tools for connecting with people all over the world. My grammar and listening skills have improved the most. Do not only interact with people who speak the same language, talk with people from other cultures and religions, and walk around Chicago and Illinois to find your favorite places.

When I decided to come to study abroad I tried to find a big and famous city with a good school to help me improve my English; ELS/Chicago has all these characteristics. When I came to ELS
I had problems with my speaking and my grammar. Nowadays all my skills have improved, mainly my vocabulary. ELS/Chicago is one of the best English schools in the U.S. They give us all the opportunities to improve our English. However, it is necessary to study by ourselves at home. I enjoy meeting different people from different countries and also having contact with American culture and people.

I decided to study at ELS/Chicago because here I have some friends. Here I met and knew good teachers and good boys and girls. I learned grammar and many new words. I’m very proud because now when people speak I figure out what they say. Following the lessons is very important, but it’s most important to speak with American people and to watch T.V. or movies.

I decided to study at ELS/Chicago to improve my English very quickly. I chose Chicago/ELS because Chicago is very orderly city and the teachers are very friendly. At ELS, we had a lot of activities so I enjoyed most about activities. We went shopping, museums….In these activities I improved my English and saw why the people like U.S.A. While I was at ELS/Chicago, I improved speaking because I had a lot of friends from another countries and so I heard many different pronunciation. It’s very good for me. If you prefer to come to ELS/Chicago, you will have many times to practice with people. So don’t be shy to speak. Talk about everything. Don’t think if they don’t understand you.

I decided to study at ELS in Chicago because I think that this course offers a high quality of English teaching and also offers many different class alternatives to learn a new language. The most important thing that I enjoy studying at ELS is the contact with people from different cultures that I have never had before. I improved many areas of English such as writing, reading, speech and grammar. My advice is that students shouldn’t miss the opportunity to study English abroad because they will have contact with American people to practice their knowledge and learn about their culture.

Sehr geehrte Herr van Leuwen. Vielen Dank für Ihre Mail. Mit der Sprachreise hat alles sehr gut geklappt. Sprachlich habe ich bei den Kindern deutliche Fortschritte erkennen können. Unser Sohn denkt bereits darüber nach, nächstes Jahr nochmals eine Sprachreise zu machen. Wir hatten unseren Urlaub ebenfalls in den Staaten verbracht und hatten im Rahmen unserer Tour die Möglichkeit auch die sehr nette Gastfamilie kennenlernen.

Excellent teachers, they are so helpful, they do help in every respect so you can improve your English quickly. I met people from all over the world who helped me improve my English too, plus my homestay ... lovely people, I want to come back to visit them some time! Nashville is a great place to study English, very authentic, and the MTSU campus is great, very modern and students here are very open and receptive, you get to talk easily. If you want to experience the "real USA", you have to come here!"

Guten Tag Herr van Leeuwen! Ich bin zur Zeit immer noch in den USA am reisen. In der Sprachschule war alles sehr gut, ich konnte viel provitieren und durfte eine schöne und intensive Zeit erleben. Ihnen vielen Dank für die Organisation der Reise!

For my future career I need to improve my English. I asked my family and friends if they know a way how to improve my English very fast and successfully.

One friend told me that there is one school called ELS, which was exactly what I was searching for. After that I got in contact with the school and they were very friendly and warm.

The next thing I had to decide was the place. I had no idea, because for me it was my first trip ever to the USA.

I searched the Internet and asked a friend, who is working in a travel agency, about visiting and studying in America. He told me that California, the golden state, is the best place to go. There are so many friendly people in Santa Monica in particular and it’s very warm, having a diverse landscapes with everything from deserts to the ocean to snowy hills, all within a couple of hours of each other. When I arrived in Santa Monica all I dreamt it could be came true and it was even bigger than I thought.

On the first day I felt a bit lost and had no idea what to do. This all changed after I took the first step into the school. Everyone was very warm and welcomed me. I quickly made a lot of new friends. Everyone helps you if you have problems or don’t understand something. The staff in the school also helps you if you have some problems with your homestay or your room in the Hostel and they take their time to satisfy you.

I also recommend the Hostel in front of ELS. You will certainly get a lot of friends there and you can plan to do something together.

The teachers know how to improve your English and they even do things with you together so you learn a lot about the habits, history and the American way of life.

These are my last 5 days here and I am really sad I have to leave this country but I’m quite sure this country will see me again.

Hallo Herr von Leeuwen. Es war alles wunderbar, es ist wirklich ein großes Gelände mit vielen Angeboten (Pool, Fitness, Bücherei ...). Von Vorteil ist natürlich auch die Nähe zum Strand :-) Ich habe mich gleich sehr wohl gefühlt und Freundschaften geschlossen mit Leuten aus allen möglichen Ländern. Ich kann St. Petersburg nur empfehlen, hier ist alles irgendwie "zivilisierter" als z.B. in Miami (ich war übers Wochenende dort, hat mir gar nicht gefallen). Lieben Dank noch mal für Ihre perfekte Organisation!

Sehr geehrter Herr van Leeuwen, mein Vater hat mir Ihre Mail weitergeleitet. Mein USA-Aufenthalt war für mich eine große Bereicherung und die Organisation über DIREKT-Sprachreisen war vollkommen zufriedenstellend; so hatten Paul und ich keinerlei Verbindungsprobleme an den Flughäfen und zudem immer genug Zeit bis zum Weiterflug.

Der Campus in St. Petersburg war sehr schön und sauber und bot jede Gelegenheit, sich sportlich zu betätigen, was für uns beide sehr wichtig war. Die Zimmer waren ordentlich und geräumig und hatten alles, was wir in diesem Monat benötigten. Das Personal an sich und die Lehrkräfte insbesondere waren allesamt hilfsbereit und zuverlässig; der Unterricht wurde in einem angemessenen Niveau abgehalten, gleichzeitig war man aber immer bemüht, diesen so angenehm wie möglich zu gestalten.

Allein das Essen ist für den europäischen Gaumen grausam, was aber nicht zu ändern und weithin bekannt ist, sodass ich mich schon darauf einstellen und mich vorbereiten konnte.

Zusammengefasst war der Monat für mich ein voller Erfolg und ich freue mich, Sie als Organisator gewählt zu haben. Viele Grüße!